TV Appearances

2002 Fiesta Bowl w/Boston New Years Day in Tempe, AZ
2008 MTV Video Music Awards w/ Katy Perry & Joe Perry at Radio City Music Hall, NYC
2008 Official Snapple Commercial w/Bad Eliots playing 'cat's meow' at NYC Subway 

The SmashUp

Official Video for 'Effigy' 2005
Official Video for 'No Name' 2006
Official Video for 'Set Loose Black Sail' 2009

Embers Only

Official Recording Video for 'Chozen 1's' 2018
Live Beastie Boys cover 2018
Official Lyric Video for 'More than 1' 2019


Hi!! My name is Anthony Citrinite a/k/a Ant Cee- (to make it easier for people to say and spell my name 😁👍)
I’ve always been into music — it picked me; I didn’t pick it. I’ve always been drawn to all types of music and the business behind them. In addition, I have a passion for music education. I’ve been a student my entire life and have been teaching on and off from the age of 17. Since then, I have recorded/performed/toured as a drummer, percussionist, band member and/or sideman/hired gun with various bands including Boston, Coheed & Cambria, The SmashUp, The Bushpilots, Engine Orange,and Embers Only among many others. I’ve been a booking Agent, Tour Manager, Songwriter, Movie Extra, TV Extra (I was in the Howard Stern Movie for a millisecond 😜. I’ve played gigs in front of an audience of one all the way up to 3 million people - backyards to stadiums, MTV VMAS at Radio City, CBGB’s hundreds of times and I have the great honor of having my drumsticks on display at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame as part of the Warped Tour Exhibit. Music has allowed me to travel all over the globe and meet scores of talented, successful and amazing people and create many memories.
I moved to NYC from Upstate NY (Utica) in 1994 right after I graduated high school. I then began my 26 year-involvement with The (Drummer’s) Collective NYC as a student going from student to director, working my way up every step along the way. Running an ionic music school in NYC had its challenges -I went through them all and then some and I’m here to tell the story to all that are interested 😁. I went on to own the school and it was acquired by a Japanese company in 2016.
I’m currently creating and releasing music with Embers Only, a Brooklyn, NY band formed over 10 years ago.
In 2015 I visualized and began to build the MeetHook (MH) platform. MH was created by a musician to help other musicians and artists create new revenue streams. Using the skills, experience and fan base that they already have, MH is a fully integrated platform for them to connect with drummers via live video sessions. I use MH regularly to teach drum lessons, give advice or consult on a range of music and business-related topics.



Hi, I'm Ant!! 

I’m happy to help anyone with anything related to Business, Marketing, Music, Drums, Social Media, Music Education, or if you just want to pick my brain, get some advice or maybe I can offer a fresh perspective to you in regards to whatever you are working on. I teach drum lessons and specialize in rock and metal groove oriented music, dynamics, technique. I can offer 30, 60 or 90 minute lessons online via the MeetHook app or in person in Sarasota, North Port, Dunedin, St. Petersburg and Tampa, FL ... just message me for more information or you can check out my profile on MeetHook.

I will be making myself available as often as possible. Thank you for your interest and please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can help you with anything at all. ✌️&❤️


Please drop me a line below and I will respond soon.

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